星期一, 5月 22, 2006

Topic: How can you improve English ability through using English Websites?

Final Writing 97-3
There are four websites are beneficial to learn English, including, internet movie database, wikipedia, google earth. And if you are serious in English, you can find more websites to help you improving English ability.

“” is a website that you can understand the difference between resemble words even sentence. And when you have unfamiliar words you can use dictionary to find out. “Internet Movie Database” is a website that you can get a lot of information about movies. And we can see the trailers to know the credits of movies. “Wikipedia” is an encyclopedia of music website. There are not only more then 2 million articles written but also written in over 100 languages. Everybody can write your own article there because of its large amount of information. “Google Earth” that will show you a recent satellite image of the location is a map website. Sometimes, you can play with your friend to find the place beforehand. I think it’s funny.

In a lot of websites in the internet, we can get a lot of information there. Just like where to eat, how to learn English, what to use the machine and a lot of things. And let me feel no distance between you and me. It’s just like a Global Village.